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Commodity Codes Guide

What are commodity codes?

Commodity codes are used to classify goods for import and export within the European Union (EU) or outside. The aim of classification is to pay the right tax and duty and follow regulations. If you want to move goods you must have a commodity code for all goods you want to import or export to and from the UK.


How it works

Goods are classified according to a system of ‘Commodity Codes’ which are used across the European Union (EU). Commodity Codes are composed of ten digit numbers, however for certain goods there are an additional four digits. The ten digits are used for imports from outside the European Union and it is needed for TARIC imports declaration. For exports from the UK you only need the first eight digit code. The latter code is used for export declarations and Intrastat commodity codes declarations (a system for collecting statistics on the trade in goods between EU member states).

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