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DELIVERY ORDER:  A Document authorizing delivery to a nominated party of cargoes in the care of a third party. The document is issued by a carrier or a forwarder on surrender of a bill of lading and then used by the merchant to transfer title by endorsement.

AIRWAY BILL: It is the shipping document used for the transportation of airfreight that includes conditions, limitations of liability, shipping, instructions, description of commodity, and the applicable transportation charges. It is usually similar to a non-negotiable bill of lading and is used for similar purposes.


SURRENDER BILL OF LADING: Surrender B/L or surrender message is issued when Original set of Bill of lading is surrendered back at Origin. Either surrender chop will be updated on the B/L or separate surrender message will be issued. In both the cases liner/forwarder who issued the surrender B/L will communicate to their agent at destination that shipper has surrendered the original B/L, therefore shipment can be released without presentation of Original bill of lading. Normally B/L will not be surrendered when bank is involved. Surrender B/L is also called as telex release.


MATE RECEIPT: A declaration issued by the chief officer of a vessel stating that certain goods have been received on board his vessel. It is similar to dock receipt, this evidences that receipt of a shipment onboard the vessel. It is not a document of title and is issued as an interim measure until a proper Bill of lading can be issued.

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